Better late than never as I update you on the store league’s first week, then go on to fit in talking about the Aggressor and the YV-666, plus Intel Sweep. Don’t forget to look for the visual companion, located here.

This week, I talk about the big Gencon news, give a little addendum to last week’s Fire Lanes talk, then it’s all Jumpmasters and Fleet Ambush all the time. I also need to play more as Imperials.

Fire When Ready is back with a look at what’s transpired in my absence, and then a look at the Fire Lanes objective. It took a bit longer because somehow I lost the last half of the episode and had to re-record it, but it’s here now, so rejoice, listeners! See you in two weeks!

Okay, after this I’m REALLY going to go on hiatus for a month. This time I give an accounting on my regionals experience, and talk a bit on my experience with handling losing.

I’m working away on the new episode, but first a couple of announcements:

1) After this episode, Fire When Ready is going to be taking a break for a bit, I have a lot of real life stuff to take care of in the next month or so. I’ll try to get some small episodes out as I can, though.

2) To tide you over, I’m also on this week’s Fanboy News Network Episode, #40, where I talk about geek stuff for a bit with my friend Jeff.…/

Plus I’m preparing for regionals this Saturday!

May the 4th be with you! Time to talk about Contested Outpost and Opening Salvo, a little bit about regionals and the Gozanti preview, and you just can’t keep a good Admiral down.

I have (not so) sneakily updated episodes 7, 9, and 11 to fix some inaccuracies and bring an Armada Advice in line with the new ruling for fingers counting as tools for the “one tool at a time” rule. Update your feeds!