And we’re back! I go over new changes in life around here, talk a bit about Star Wars Legion, and cover the Arquitens. Plus, Admiral Ackbar has a special message for the fandom at large. See you again soon!

This episode is being uploaded from Disneyland! I’m here to celebrate Star Wars day, and I don’t blame you if you’re jealous. This episode covers the Pelta, as well as the… news… from the Hyperspace Report and some tournament ideas I’m mulling over. May the 4th be with you!

So, how about that FAQ, eh? I cover the big changes the Armada scene just underwent, and finish off the Corellian Conflict Squadrons with the A-Wings and TIE Advanced.

What? That’s THREE topics listed! Yup, special bonus this week in light of Rebels ending: You get Corellian B-Wings, TIE Bombers, and Hera/VCX as well. Plus the resolution of our Corellian Conflict campaign.

Whew, see what I did there. This episode there’s an update on our Corellian Conflict campaign, and then coverage of the new Y-Wings Norra Wexley and Gold Squadron, plus the TIE Interceptors Ciena Ree and Saber Squadron.

What? Another episode in a timely fashion? Unpossible! Inside you’ll find more wave 7 talk, how our new Corellian Conflict is going, a little more about using Biggs, plus Valen Rudor and Rogue Squadron. It’s jam-packed!

New year, new episode! Fire When Ready is back, and starting off the new year with a brief recap of Vancouver regionals, then covering Biggs Darklighter and Black Squadron. Plus, a very feisty Admiral Ackbar. Jim promises the next episode will a matter of weeks away, too, not months. Enjoy!

Start your weekend off with the longest ever FWR! Liberty talk, then my first ever guest as Josh from Runecasters joins me for Interdictor discussion. Check out Runecasters, all about FFG’s Runewars Miniature Game at or

Enjoy, and leave me some feedback about the guest segment!