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Whew, see what I did there. This episode there’s an update on our Corellian Conflict campaign, and then coverage of the new Y-Wings Norra Wexley and Gold Squadron, plus the TIE Interceptors Ciena Ree and Saber Squadron.

What? Another episode in a timely fashion? Unpossible! Inside you’ll find more wave 7 talk, how our new Corellian Conflict is going, a little more about using Biggs, plus Valen Rudor and Rogue Squadron. It’s jam-packed!

New year, new episode! Fire When Ready is back, and starting off the new year with a brief recap of Vancouver regionals, then covering Biggs Darklighter and Black Squadron. Plus, a very feisty Admiral Ackbar. Jim promises the next episode will a matter of weeks away, too, not months. Enjoy!

Better late than never as I update you on the store league’s first week, then go on to fit in talking about the Aggressor and the YV-666, plus Intel Sweep. Don’t forget to look for the visual companion, located here.

This week, I talk about the big Gencon news, give a little addendum to last week’s Fire Lanes talk, then it’s all Jumpmasters and Fleet Ambush all the time. I also need to play more as Imperials.

As promised, here’s the rules I used for the league I ran. Note that the TP bonuses below were adjusted on the fly every week so that each faction had a chance to come back from a loss. That way, no team felt like they were getting blown out and didn’t have a chance. Another thing I learned was that I should put the two “fun” missions (Imperial week 2, Rebel week 3) opposite each other in the same week. Otherwise you end up like we did, where my players managed to avoid both by Rebels winning week 2 and Imperials winning week 3.

Without further ado, here’s the rules! They’re also linked as a Word doc next if you’d rather read them later that way. Armada league 1

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Has it been two weeks already? Well, I guess that means it’s time for another show! This time I cover the Raider and the B-Wing with a league recap and a little store champs talk. Showpedoes away!