Better late than never as I update you on the store league’s first week, then go on to fit in talking about the Aggressor and the YV-666, plus Intel Sweep. Don’t forget to look for the visual companion, located here.

This week, I talk about the big Gencon news, give a little addendum to last week’s Fire Lanes talk, then it’s all Jumpmasters and Fleet Ambush all the time. I also need to play more as Imperials.

Fire When Ready is back with a look at what’s transpired in my absence, and then a look at the Fire Lanes objective. It took a bit longer because somehow I lost the last half of the episode and had to re-record it, but it’s here now, so rejoice, listeners! See you in two weeks!

Okay, after this I’m REALLY going to go on hiatus for a month. This time I give an accounting on my regionals experience, and talk a bit on my experience with handling losing.

I’m working away on the new episode, but first a couple of announcements:

1) After this episode, Fire When Ready is going to be taking a break for a bit, I have a lot of real life stuff to take care of in the next month or so. I’ll try to get some small episodes out as I can, though.

2) To tide you over, I’m also on this week’s Fanboy News Network Episode, #40, where I talk about geek stuff for a bit with my friend Jeff.…/

Plus I’m preparing for regionals this Saturday!

May the 4th be with you! Time to talk about Contested Outpost and Opening Salvo, a little bit about regionals and the Gozanti preview, and you just can’t keep a good Admiral down.