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Better late than never as I update you on the store league’s first week, then go on to fit in talking about the Aggressor and the YV-666, plus Intel Sweep. Don’t forget to look for the visual companion, located here.

Okay, after this I’m REALLY going to go on hiatus for a month. This time I give an accounting on my regionals experience, and talk a bit on my experience with handling losing.

New episode! I wrap up my looks at the ships with the MC30, and then start my new coverage of objectives with Most Wanted.

I welcome your feedback on the format of my coverage of objectives. Let me know here, on Twitter, the FFG forums, Facebook, or email with your thoughts.

I’m back, and so is Fire When Ready. This time it’s that close-range powerhouse, the Gladiator, and the Rebel bomber extraordinaire, the Y-Wing. Plus some thoughts on the upcoming Championships, Ackbar’s Advice, and my voice still being a little more hoarse than usual. Enjoy!