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Yep, that’s two episodes in two weeks! This one’s all about the Assault Frigate and the TIE Advanced, and I hope you all like it.

After this episode, I’ll be releasing them bi-weekly due to gearing up for store championships and some work duties taking up my time. So I’ll see you all back here in a fortnight!

I’m back, and so is Fire When Ready. This time it’s that close-range powerhouse, the Gladiator, and the Rebel bomber extraordinaire, the Y-Wing. Plus some thoughts on the upcoming Championships, Ackbar’s Advice, and my voice still being a little more hoarse than usual. Enjoy!

Better late than never here at Fire When Ready, and here’s the latest with an in-depth look at the MC80 and the TIE Interceptor, plus more Advice from Admiral Ackbar and a little tribute at the end to a fallen spaceman.

I hope you had a happy holiday, but it’s back to work here at Fire When Ready. In this episode I talk about a concept I find helpful to understand, and then it’s an overview of the Nebulon-B and the TIE Bomber. It might be chilly outside, but that’s just reminding you that the cold void of space is waiting for you, so get out there and play some Armada!

This time I have a lot to say about the Victory Star Destroyer, I give my take on the X-Wing, and oh, yeah, there’s some movie that came out. All this plus some Armada Advice from a certain Admiral! This is a longer than normal episode, so buckle up!

Most likely there won’t be an episode next week due to the holidays, so I hope Santa fills all your fleet requisitions, commanders! Happy gaming!

The second episode of Fire When Ready has an in-depth look at the CR90 Corvette for the Rebellion and the TIE Fighter squadron of the Empire, and of course Admiral Ackbar returns with more Armada Advice.

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Welcome to the first episode of our show! We start off with the very first Admiral Ackbar’s Armada Advice, then I let you know where the show is going from here on out, and give some general tactical wisdom on how to play Armada better.

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